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Valentine’s Day Give-away!

We’re excited to announce our Valentine’s Day give-away! Have a special guy in your life? Don’t you think he deserves something more special than a box of chocolates? We are giving away a 1-hour boudoir session along with a single web-image.  If you would like a bigger session, we’ll call this a $150 gift certificate to something bigger.  All you have to do to enter is register below.  We’ll pick a winner Friday, February 11 and notify everybody who registers whether or not they won.

Have any questions?  Check out our FAQ under the ‘Info’ tab above or contact us!

***contest ended***

Reason No.16 to do Boudoir: 40th birthday present.

I think Mr. D will be mighty mighty pleased with his birthday gift this year.  Here’s some photos from a recent boudoir session in our Omaha studio:

Holiday Sale: Good things come in small, black packages.

We’ll be taking bookings through Monday, December 20th to still get gifts in your loved ones hands in time for Christmas. Call 402.677.3096 to set up an appointment today!

Six in one….

Last Friday I had the pleasure of photographing six beautiful women in my studio.  One of them was a former client, who through a series of emails and a little serendipity, ended up scheduling a session with five of her friends.


That’s what’s happened to this blog.  Unfortunately we can only show a small portion of what we shoot around here 😉

Today I’m doing some “research” by looking online at group boudoir possibilities.  Tomorrow five beautiful women will be in front of my lens trying to recreate something along the lines of this famous Herb Ritts portrait: http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee278/Hadjou/HerbRitts.jpg  Wish me luck!

Happy New Years!

So in December I had a great boudoir portrait session in the studio. I wanted to show off the photos because they came out really well, but the client did not want me to publish her photos, which I respect completely. So I decided to re-create the same background and lighting set up that we’d used but with a different model. Then I thought about how most of my girlfriends haven’t had a good professional portrait taken since they were high school seniors and a fabulous idea was born. I invited them all over to the studio on New Years Eve and we had a glamorous photo shoot that was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorites from that night. I used the same posing and lighting techniques as I would in a boudoir session, but everyone was fully dressed and we took some fun group ones too.

In the studio

I like to shoot on location, but the studio can be a lot of fun as well. Katherine and I had a lot of fun using different lighting set-ups and playing with some vintage opera gloves and a string of pearls.

Welcome to the gun show

One of the things I love about shooting boudoir portraits is how different every woman’s body is.  Simone has some of the most impressive arms and breasts of any woman I’ve ever met.  I love emphasizing whatever aspect makes each woman look most beautiful.  Whether it’s some gorgeous doe-eyes, shapely legs or a killer figure, everyone has their assets.


This is a rather popular pose, but it’s not easy to make happen.  Getting that stiletto to show required a lot of twisting from the model, but beauty is pain, right?

Most daring boudoir session yet

Shanti made my day! We were having fun taking portraits, she had a great collection of lingerie and props and all was going well. Towards the end of our shoot she asked me, “Hey I know it’s raining, but do you think we could go out on the fire escape anyway?” I was thrilled! It’s not everyday a beautiful girl wants to pose on a fire escape, four-stories up in the rain wearing a fishnet top and three-inch heels. Some days my job is just too much fun.