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Come-hither look

Maureen and I had a great shoot for two main reasons:
1. She has an impressive collection of lingerie; I was very jealous.
2. She has perfected her “come-hither look,” an expression where the smile has a hint of a sweetness but the eyes suggest some deliciously devious desires.

Serendipity with Samantha

Took some boudoir portraits of Samantha in my apartment.  I love how serendipitous photography can be.  I planned to shoot the picture of her posing on the couch and it came out just as I had imagined it would.  It’s cute and she looks good, but it’s not anything I haven’t seen before.  Bu when she went to change outfits and touch up her make up, she left the bathroom door open and when I walked by I noticed, ‘Wow her bare back looks beautiful.’  So I asked if she would mine posing that way and found some beautiful back lighting and Voila!  We made a stunning portrait.  

Beau rocked it!

Photographed Beau in her beautiful loft downtown.  The photo session was a blast.  The loft had great big windows and exposed brick walls, a great setting for pictures.  And to make things even better, Beau is incredibly confident with who she is and it shows in her portraits. I wish I could bottle self-confidence like that.