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Groupon Info

Thanks for participating in our Valentine’s Groupon offer!  We hope to answer some of your questions here.

What do I get with my Groupon?

You get a one-hour photo session worth $150 and a touched-up 8×10 print, worth $44 for a total value of $194.

Can I use my Groupon on other items/packages?

Absolutely!  If you would prefer to get one of our package deals or a book, you can use your Groupon as a $194 gift certificate towards anything Lane Intimates offers.

Why would I want to upgrade to a larger package?

Our most popular product is our 5×7 20-page book.  If you want that many images we are better off having a 2-hour package.  Plus with the extra shooting time we’ll have an opportunity to make better photos.  Usually the photos improve as we get deeper into a two-hour session as we get more comfortable working together and get into a flow.

Do you touch up your prints?

Sure do, if you want us to.  A reasonable amount of touching up is performed on all prints at no additional cost.  Extensive work is available at an additional charge, but we’ll never do that without getting your blessing.

How much time should I allot for my session? 

It’s a good idea to schedule an extra hour.  We’ll sit down and chat briefly before we start shooting, break the ice and give you plenty of time to get ready.


As we get more Groupon-specific questions we’ll try to answer them here, so expect some updates to this page through the next couple months, especially February 9, 10 and 11.  Also continue reading below some answers to  our typical questions.


What exactly is boudoir portraiture?

Boudoir portraits are sexy, tasteful and intimate.  They have become trendy as wedding and anniversary presents, but anyone can enjoy them for any reason.  Our goal is to make a collection of photos that look straight out of a Victoria Secret catalog.

How much do I have to reveal?

Your portraits can be as revealing as you want.  We will never push you to pose in any way or wear anything that would make you uncomfortable.  You can be playfully sexy without showing much skin or can be brazen and show a lot, it’s entirely up to you.

Who will see these pictures?

Your privacy is very important to us.  Unless you willingly sign a model release stating otherwise, only the photographer, the lab and you will see the images.

Who takes these pictures?

Lane Hickenbottom, an award-winning photographer with experience in portraiture, wedding photography and photojournalism.  Lane’s photographs have appeared everywhere from TIME Magazines photos of the month and to MSNBC’s photos of the year.  His laid-back style will set your nerves at ease.

How does the process work?

If you are interested in boudoir portraits but still trying to decide, call or email us and we’ll set up time to meet for a free consultation.  We can meet face to face and answer all your questions.  Next we’ll have a photo shoot.  Then within a couple weeks you’ll be able to view the images in a private screening and place your order.

Where will the portrait session take place?

We can photograph in our studio or on location, however the Groupon deal is limited to in-studio only.  If you upgrade to a Femme Fatale package or larger, we can shoot at other locations if you prefer.

How much does it cost usually cost?

Click here to check out our price guide.

What should I bring?

You need to bring your own clothing.  Bringing two or three outfits for each hour of shooting is recommended.  Wear whatever makes you feel sexy and don’t be afraid to ask us for advice before the photo shoot.  Feel free to bring any refreshments.

How long will the session last?

We offer one, two and three-hour sessions. Two hour sessions are our most popular option, giving us plenty of time for a couple outfit changes and a nice variety of imagery.

Do you touch up the images?

How much time should I allot on the day of my session?

Can I use it on something else?